Big Data Analytics

Our big data analytics engine enables you to provide extremely fast and flexible analytics services to your customers, no matter the amount of data or the complexity of the analyses.


Our big data analytics engine is ready for anything!

Write SQL. Once.

In our big data analytics engine, analyses are defined simply by writing SQL queries. You only have to write them once, no need to adjust them over and over again: Time frames are selected automatically. The simplified data access syntax makes defining analyses a breeze while retaining the full calculation power of SQL.

All analysis results are precalculated. That way, accessing them is lightning fast. No more waiting for data: everything is just there when you need it.

Infinite scalability

Each and every technology within our big data analytics engine has been designed from the ground up to provide linear scalability and extreme performance. No job is too big, but no job is too small, either.

No matter whether there are just a couple of megabytes or literally petabytes of data to process, performance and cost efficiency of our engine is always best-in-class.

Simple, yet flexibile

Our big data analytics engine only imposes minimal rules on data structure, and analyses are freely written in SQL. Therefore, it supports an unmatched number of use cases and intended purposes without sacrificing simplicity or ease of use.

You can offer powerful analyses to your customers. They need something added or changed? Just do it, quickly and without any hassle.

Integration is also a joy: Results are provided using standard interfaces, so any software can connect to it, whether it is our built-in dashboard system, Business Intelligence software, or that little chart on your website.

How it works

You want to provide extremely fast and flexible analytics services to your customers.
Here is what to do.


We support you all the way from start to finish. Together, we will discuss possible opportunities or threats, and determine the best way to integrate our engine into your system. We will also advise you during the next steps.


You connect the data to our engine by sending events. Events consist of a name ("What happened?"), a timestamp ("When did it happen?") and any additional information about the event. User 123 has logged in at 9:30. User 123 has logged out at 10:20. These events are the basis on which the analyses operate.


You can now define any SQL calculation working on these events. The analysis results are always ready for your retrieval. The way you present these results to your customers depends on your business case: Use our built-in dashboard system. Connect BI software. Maybe have a specialized web service. It is completely up to you.


It has never been that easy, hassle free and cost efficient to provide detailed, highly customizable, lightning fast analytics services to your customers. Thinking about it puts a smile on your face. And thinking about that puts a smile on our faces.

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About us

Hi, we are incub8.
Nice to meet you.

Our passion for software engineering, a common vision
and our friendship is what brought us together.
We are located in Dortmund, Germany.
By the way, our name is pronounced "incubate" [ˈɪŋkjubeɪt] ;-)

Our partners

protel hotelsoftware GmbH is the first company to believe in us and our vision, and we are a proud member of the protel family.

Our Team

We never stop assisting our partners and improving our technology, which means that every pizza delivery service in the city knows our address by heart.

Jan Dörrenhaus

Managing Director

When he started as a software engineer, Jan did not choose to work on data analytics. But data analytics quickly won him over, and he followed its path for over ten years, in various companies and businesses.
Besides doing archery and listening to audio books, he will probably never tire of replaying old video games.

Jens Bannmann

Head of Development

Jens is a natural when it comes to agile software engineering and maintenance-friendly architecture, full of passion and experience.
He tries balancing his addiction to watching TV series with working on his own pen-and-paper role-playing game and playing it with friends.

Sven Haberer

Senior Software Engineer

When it comes to enterprise server architecture, databases and SQL, Sven is an expert with over ten years of experience.
After a brain melting day of work, he enjoys a good evening on Netflix, and likes sandbox video games.

Volker Ivens

Senior Software Engineer

Volker is a firm believer in getting things done, finding pragmatic solutions when others think too complicated.
Despite being a software engineer, he actually does and enjoys sports, if you can believe that.

Marc Heuwer

Executive Assistant

Marc takes care of all the little things that are required to run a business, like taxes or salaries.
He is about to complete his studies in business economics, and has a penchant for finding weird things on the internet.

Matthias Otto

DevOps Engineer

Matthias starts, stops, switches, updates and configures servers faster than you can say "can you even do that from the console?"
He plays video games and watches movies of which you have never heard before, and he is a big anime fan.

Rick Striewe

Junior Software Engineer

Rick, as our "junior", has worked on probably every level of our stack, especially in the area of code generation.
Do not let his job title fool you: This huge guy is built like a bear!

Alexandra Becker

Product Manager

Alexandra's voice is probably the first one you will hear when contacting us.
As a self-admitted sufferer of software gremlins, she has great experience in finding software problems before anyone else does.

We love hearing from you. Say hello or just connect with us!


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